For healthier families on every block.

Montefiore and the Lopez Family Foundation have joined forces to establish the Center for a Healthy Childhood to promote healthy living through community health programming, positive messages to raise children’s self-image and a healthy environment.

This new center builds upon Montefiore’s robust community health offerings and Bronx native Jennifer Lopez’s long-standing commitment to improving the health and well-being of women and children.

Be active anywhere. Physical activity can happen in a classroom or in a park. It can be a 10 minute dance exercise or a 10 mile bike ride. There are opportunities on every block.

It can be a challenge sometimes but you can find healthy choices at reasonable prices in neighborhood bodegas, grocery stores, green carts, community gardens, food pantries and farmer’s markets.

There are challenges in raising a child. What should your child be eating at a young age? What should you be eating? How do you play with your child? Every mother has these questions. The Center for a Healthy Childhood has resources to help.